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Chaco or Grand Chaco is a low, flat, alluvial plain northward from Asuncion, on the other side of the Rio Paraguay river. It is a very sparsely settled territory, three times bigger then the whole Czech republic. Chaco covers about 60% of the Paraguay and there live only 3% of Paraguayan inhabitants. Chaco extends to Argentina and Bolivia. There is an unbelievable rate between the cows and people, which is 20:1. In the Chaco, there are several German colonies with modern factories, Indian colonies and otherwise nothing. But anyway it is worth seeing. The Mesopotamia is framed by two great rivers, the Parana and Uruguay, that include/understand three provinces with different appearances: Between Rivers, Currents and Missions. These two rivers come together forming a delta, to give birth to the River of the Silver. Between Rivers it is to per it of green plains unfolded between blades and lomadas, however, Currents and Missions form an incomparable unfolding of color, due to the biological diversity of the paranaense subtropical forest, the red Earth and the Humedales of the Iberá. The unrelentingly flat Pampas is Argentina's agricultural heartland and home of that symbol of romantic nationalism, the gaucho . Comprising the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa and major parts of Santa Fe and Córdoba, its varied environments include forested hills, extensive grasslands and flamingo-flecked salt lakes. The Parque National Lihué Calel is a popular detour, with wildlife including puma, guanaco, rhea, native hares and a variety of wild chinchilla called a vizcacha. The cities of La Plata, Luján (whose basilica to La Virgen de Luján receives 4 million pilgrims a year), Rosario and Santa Fe are worth seeing for their many museums, churches and faded colonial buildings. This is a region of sierras with hills of medium height. It comprises valleys, plains and plateaux called pampas (of around 1000 m.a.s.l.) crossed by several rivers and streams suitable for the practice of swimming. It has a great tourist potential reflected in a large quantity of cities and tourist villages that take profit from the possibilities of this zone.  The region of Cuyo contains the Provinces of Mendoza, San Luis, San Juan and La Rioja. It has a varied topography, surrounded by sites of historical interest, which maintain countless memories of San Martin's epic. The urban centers are a conjunction of antiquity and modernity. Narrow streets, low buildings, museums, monuments, churches and convents make contrast with dynamic commercial centers. It is the amplest region of the country and one extends between the Mountain range of the andes and the Atlantic Ocean. The Patagonia is the last austral border of America. Its vast extension is made up of different natural atmospheres, from virgin and mysterious forests, marine coasts in Land of the Fire and the Atlantic, frozen channels that establish the aim of America and the beginning of the Antarctic continent, barren interminable central steppes and the bulk of the andes in whose slopes crystalline lakes rest and the magnificent glaciers of the continental ice. This natural spectacle complements with one riquísima native vegetation and fauna in true state of fullness, as it happens in few Earth places. Falkland Islands , Span. Islas Malvinas, officially Colony of the Falkland Islands, group of islands (1991 pop. 2,121), 4,618 sq mi (11,961 sq km), S Atlantic, c.300 mi (480 km) E of the Strait of Magellan. The islands are administered as a British crown colony with the capital at Stanley . There are two large islands (East Falkland and West Falkland ) and some 200 small ones. From 1908 to 1985 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands were dependencies of the colony. The Falklands are rather bleak, rocky moorlands, swept by wind and drenched by chill rain. The population is almost entirely British, Christian, and English-speaking.