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     A honeymoon in Chile is the perfect way to discover this stunning South American country. With a climate that changes from intense heat to ice as you travel further south, Chile is home to an incredible range of geographical features, ranging from volcanoes and highlands to a beautiful coastline.
     Chile 's capital, Santiago , is immense, and its compact center is Venture into Chile for a wild romantic adventure into a land of deserts and glaciers.packed with attractions. These include a palace of fine arts, several museums, churches, plazas, parks and markets. You will never be short of things to do in Santiago ! Countless restaurants offer you the possibility to discover Chile 's distinctive cuisine, accompanied by some excellent national wines.      Valparaiso is Chile 's second city and its main port. It perfectly captures the geography of the country, a narrow city with hills to one side and water to the other. Valparaiso 's maze of cobbled paths are perfect for exploring, and the city is known for its fine arts and excellent maritime museums.
       Just north of Valparaiso is Viña del Mar , Chile 's top beach resort. Known as the 'Garden City' due to its huge botanical garden and countless palm and banana trees fringing the beaches, Viña del Mar is a relaxing and romantic place to stay. More stunning beaches can be found around the colonial city of La Serena , which is a good place to stay if you would like to make day trips to nearby Chilean villages and vineyards.
      The gateway to Chile 's southern lake district is the distinctive city of Puerto Montt . The German style of its architecture reflects its colonial past, and its cathedral dates back to 1856.
      Chile 's most awesome region is doubtless the Puyehue National Park, which covers an area of over 100,000 hectares! Lakes, hot springs , waterfalls, exotic plant life, verdant forest and much much more are found within its borders.
       No country on earth is quite like Chile, whose geography, natural features and vibrant culture make it unique. Likewise, your Chilean honeymoon will be a unique experience, let Sagitar Travel help you customized your Honeymoon in Chile.

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