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Honeymoon in Guatemala

Guatemala is a vivid country that will not fail to leave an impression especially on your Honeymoon. It's certainly one of Latin America's most colourful with highland markets draped in the rainbow colours and patterns of weavings specific to local communities. Crumbling old Spanish towns steeped in muted pastels and ochres crouch under sleeping volcanoes and the magnificent Lake Atitlan, encircled by volcanoes, is a contender for the most picturesque and romantic location in Central America. The rainforest at El Peten has yielded up the impressive Maya ruins of Tikal, which can be visited before heading off to neighbouring Belize to complete your honeymoon with a few lazy days of beach and reef.
Highlight on what you can see on your Honeymoon:
: The best preserved of the Spanish colonial capitals in the hemisphere is set amongst three magnificent volcanoes named Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. Fuego (Fire) occasionally lets out long plumes of smoke by day and lights up the night with a fiery red glow. Wise travellers spend as little time in Guatemala City as possible, preferring to head for this lively colonial city. The height of the season is the world famous Semana Santa, booked up at least a year in advance it is one of the world’s great festivals. It is known for its incredibly colourful and intricate flower carpets that cover the streets. These mark out the routes of daylong religious processions that occur throughout the week.
Indian Markets: Chichicastenango, Quetzaltenango, Zuñil, and other highland market towns are are located in deep valleys surrounded by green mountains. Red roofs and narrow cobbled streets still prevail in Maya market centres, where villagers walk for miles to bring their wares to sell.
Lake Atitlan: Referred to as the world’s most beautiful lake, it is a huge ancient caldera surrounded by three volcanoes and a patchwork of Maya fields and farms. It’s a wonderful place for a morning swim or to simply sit for hours and watch the colours and shadows run across the water’s surface. Panajachel is a handy jump-off point for hiking, boating, horse riding, mountain biking and taking ferry rides to the much less visited indigenous villages on the far shores of the lake.
Tikal: This magnificent archaeological site dates back to 700 BC and was occupied for over a thousand years during the apogee of the Classic Maya civilisation. Its towering pyramids rise spectacularly above the jungle canopy and its many plazas are alive with monkeys and birds. Stay in one of the simple nearby lodges to appreciate the sunrise and sunset over the primal forest or if you prefer a little more luxury, try the nearby town of Flores, which is built over an ancient Maya city on an island in Lake Petén Itzá.
Livingston and Rio Dulce: A different Caribbean. Populated by the Garífuna people, descended from Africans intermarried with shipwrecked sailors, and with the indigenous Maya, who developed their own lively culture, quite different from the rest of Guatemala. The small town has a laissez-faire atmosphere that is quite Belizean, where reggae is more popular than marimba. Here the jungle meets the sea where the huge Lake Izabal empties though the impressive Rio Dulce Canyon National Park. It runs past Chocón Machacas Nature Reserve, which protects the river landscape, the valuable mangrove swamps and most importantly the manatees which inhabit the rivers and bays.
Coban: The natural side of Guatemala. High in the moist cloud forest, it is the home of the resplendent but illusive quetzal, Guatemala’s national bird. In this region there is fabulous white water rafting on the tropical Río Cahabón. You can also visit the Quetzal Reserve, historical coffee plantations and orchid farms, as well as the remarkable caves of Lanquín, where thousands of bats emerge at sunset. Semuc Champey is one of Guatemala’s crown jewels, a remote series of pristine limestone pools deep in the tropical rain forest. The raging Río Cahabón actually tunnels underneath, creating the only double-decked river we know of.
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