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The dream honeymoon is very personal. It is a trip to a special destination, a genuine trip of a lifetime. For those with a tight budget, it’s the one time you can justify “the big trip”. For those where money is less of an issue, it’s the time to really go for it - the world’s your oyster!
Everyone has very different ideas of what makes the dream holiday. For some it means lazing on a far-flung, tropical beach, being pampered at an upscale romantic hideaway. For others, it’s all about combining some relaxation with a spot of culture or adventure.
Of course – with some thought and a bit of careful planning, it is possible to combine the lot!

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From Mexico and Costa Rica to Argentena and Brazil, Latin America is a paradise for those seeking beaches. For lovers of mountains, there is the mighty Andes cordillera, stretching thousands of miles from Colombia to Patagonia. If you’re looking for a jungle experience, choose from vast Amazon basin in South America, or the rainforests of Central America. Or, if that’s all a bit too humid, try the driest desert in the world - the Atacama.
For those looking more for cultural inspiration than outdoor adrenalin, the continent is a veritable treasure trove waiting to be discovered – the ancient pyramids of the Mayas and Aztecs and Lost Cities of the Incas; the colonial heritage of the Spanish and Portuguese and the colourful living culture of today’s indigenous population.
       So Latin America has the landscapes and the culture – but does it have the comfortable hotels and lodges?
       Many existing hotels have been upgraded, new luxury “eco-lodges” developed and historic colonial buildings converted into small boutique hotels.

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